Terry Hooley Abstract Art
Terry Hooley     Abstract Art

'The Time Machine'

This sculptural clock was created using many antique pieces.

  1870's Victorian adjustable Brass clock base.

  1880's Victorian American clock movement.

  1910 Edwardian electric light bulb.

  1930's ornate enamelled brass clock face.

  1944 part of a B17 WW2 Bombers exhaust manifold.

  Old valves, pressure gauge and amp meter, motors, copper pipe.   SOLD

Left hand side of the 'Time Machine' showing the beautiful Victorian Brass base and the lower Oak main body.

This is the old Brass pressure gauge on the 'Time Machine'. It is connected to the clock by part of an exhaust manifold off a B17 American World War 2 Bomber (which was salvaged from its crash site, in the south of england).






This is a wall sculpture made from a large piece of beautiful natural edged Burr Elm, Amerillo and Steel.

It collects positive energy (small amounts escape when people are happy, or laugh etc). Once collected from the atmosphere, anyone standing directly in front of the central dome, receives the accumulated positive charge, giving them positiveness and happiness, some say even longer life.   



(Showing central dome and 'inclusion').



(Showing one of the three outer fins. with the steel conductors that collect the 'positive energy' for the accumulator).





'Sculptured Solid Oak Coffee Table'


Unique Coffee Table with turned legs, horizontal finials, and inter-linking circles.

(Harding House Gallery).




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