Terry Hooley Abstract Art
Terry Hooley     Abstract Art


These Are some photograph's of my new Steam Punk  'Time Machine' (II)

It is made from Mahogany and there are many antique and vintage parts on this clock, including :-


1925 Kodascope 8 projector.

1880 Victorian clock movement.

1941 WW2 Amp meter.

1942 WW2 Volt meter.

1930s Brass and Copper Clock face.

1950s ( x2) Oil Feeds off Steam Engines.

Roman (pre Medieval) Spindle Whorl.

1940 WW2 Silver Plated Radio Tuner.

1950s Industrial Switch.

Crystal off V Bomber Sept 1959.

Oak off HMS Victory, which was at the battle of trafalgar - 1805

1950s Valves (x8)

Victorian clock parts and workings. Pressure gauges and taps.

30 mm Brass Shells (x 2) fired from a Harrier Jump Jet into the 'Wash' off Lincolnshire, when doing target practice. These Shell casings had been in the sea for 25 years, to be salvaged, restored and turned into'steam boilers' for this Time Machine.






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