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About Me


   About Me ! well my name is Terry Hooley, I am a passionate artist and sculptor creating my 'unique artwork' in my studio in Skegness, on the East Coast, Lincolnshire.

   I am always forming new ideas and turning them into unusual pieces of art. I enjoy painting, casting, sculpting, mixed media, photography, recycling (especially antiques), which have had a previous life, and now metamorphosis into pieces of visual titillation;, sometimes having 'function' as well as 'form'. I use wood, concrete, acrylics, steel and anything unusual that has historical interest .

   I love Science Fiction, and combining this with my fascination in 'unusual and historical' led me to embrace 'Steam Punk' and to create some art around its Victorian (a future that could have been) principles.

   I get a huge amount of satisfaction from creating these pieces and hopefully anyone viewing them will also have their lives enriched, if only for a fleeting moment, as they pause to satisfy their visual curiosity!

   I exhibit in Galleries through-out England, and Europe, and have sold work in America, Germany, Eygpt and Australia. Recently I exhibited in Digital Artist, John Byfords 'Made In England' Exhibition, which toured Europe: with 'Strange Thing' a piece of sculpture made from concrete and steel.

  My lastest project was a commission to create 13 pieces of artwork on the theme of 'Chicago Gangsters' (with an abstract look) for Frazer Bell's 'Meanie Bo Bini's' Gangster Bar and Restaurant. 


   If you have an interest, or require information on any of my artwork, please contact me. Terry :)

My 'Steam Punk' Rifle and I at Lincoln Asylum 2015

This Rifle is made from various antique parts, including two Edwardian garden sprayers, Victorian clock parts, 1950s valve, and the wood stock is a1909 BSA Rimfire Rifle stock, actually used to train the young soldiers being sent to France in the First World War. I have only polished the wood and not sanded it, because I wanted to preserve any essence that is left in the wood from over a century ago, that the young soldiers, who bravely went to war (some not returning), left on this gun.

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