Terry Hooley Abstract Art
Terry Hooley     Abstract Art


This piece was half finished, when the new owners came looking around my studio. They instantly fell in love with it, and to them it represented something very personal to them both. 'Brain Child' This piece was half finished, when the new owners came around looking in my studio. They instantly fell in love with it and both of them connected with it on a very personal level.
Brain Child.

Beautiful 1880's Victorian Glass Dome.

Inner Voice.

Turned Oak Centre, with Ebonised rings.              SOLD.






'Power Play'

Artwork of one of the Beach Volley Ball team on Skegness beach. I have tried to capture the speed and power with which these sports men and women play. A very slow shutter speed was used to photograph them, capturing their fluid movements, so they seem to be in two places at once; appearing to 'jump dimensions'.

Head with base.

Cyber Woman.

Clock work Brain on Cyber Woman.



Large Natural Edged Burr Oak Wall Sculpture.

(Harding House Gallery). SOLD.



'Lightning' Fighter Jet Gyroscope.

Gyroscope with Stainless Steel stand, with a turned Elm base.

'Triton' - Apocalypse Doll (No 2)

This dollbot is part of the 'Apocalypse' series. It is constructed from old vintage wheels, WW2 (early 1940's) silver radio tuner. Antique medical syringe, Antique American pendulum, cogs, brass and electrical components.  SOLD.

This is the under-carriage of 'Triton'

The old metal wheels are about 80 years old, and the rubber tyres have a beautiful 'crazed pave' look to them, with their decades of ageing.

'Triton' Resorceful scout and recon leader.



'Under cover surveillance posing as art'


'Sleep of the Innocence'


Concrete, acrylic paint. SOLD.

'Opposites Attract'


Wall Sculpture, made from reinforced concrete and natural Edged Burr Elm. SOLD.





Reinforced Concrete, and Acrylic.  SOLD.



'Rhythm Is A Dancer'


Water Colour Painting. Double mounted in Framed Glass.  SOLD.



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