Terry Hooley Abstract Art
Terry Hooley     Abstract Art

'let there be Light'

This 'Illumination Machine' was created from old electrical items from a time long past.

The 'Illumination Machine' with Edison style filament bulb.

1920s Rheostat.

Very rare 'Marconi' electron Valve, used by the BBCs research department, during World War II.

1950s terminal and Victorian Brass feet.

1930s Micro Amp meter.

1930s Brass electrcal 'shunt'.

Rheostat, with silver plated tuner capacitor on the top.

Turned and Ebonised Mahogany mount for the Brass lamp holder to stand on.


Top view.

Beautiful Filiment Bulb.

2 Tuner Capacitors sitting on turned Ebonised Mahogany platforms.


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