Terry Hooley Abstract Art
Terry Hooley     Abstract Art

'The Truth and the Forfeit'

Just like 'The Great Zoltan' machines that would predict the future, this 'Teller of Absolute Truths' can also reveal the future. Not a prediction, but when asked a specific question, it will reveal to you the absolute truth to that one question.

Though many years since working and being found in a run down Carnival; this machine could bring you vast riches, love and emotional harmony.

But the riches and fulfilment that it could bring you, would also be balanced on the 'cosmic scale', and would therefore cause you and your family an equal forfeit in your life, to the gains that you had acquired, by using 'The Teller of Absolute Truths'.


'The Teller of Absolute Truths' was created from Antiques and Vintage pieces.

1930s electrical condenser.

1940s electrical condenser.

1950s Dolls head.

2 vintage clock work movements.

1850s Victorian clock base feet.

Altitude diaphragms and electronics off a Vulcan Bomber.

The head has an ebonised turned Mahogany spigot to enable the head to be turned through 180 degrees.

The large ball bearings used for the eyes came from 'The Museum of Victorian Science'.

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