Terry Hooley Abstract Art
Terry Hooley     Abstract Art

I have always loved painting, sculpting and creating. Not from 'normal' life, but from all the evolving ideas that surface in my mind; developing abstract pieces that emerge from my own on-going time line of experience and interests. 


The 'Time Machine' in the window of 'H-art Gallery' was one piece of my 'Strange Things' solo exhibition, and was 'Steam Punk' inspired.


I hope you enjoy my 'unusual' creations while perusing my web pages. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or general enquiry.


            Love and positive energy, Terry.



'On The Prowl'


This is one of my abstract pieces. A woman on a mission, with intent in her eyes. This art work is created using acrylic paint and digital art.



"My Mind is Free, I can be anywhere"


With this sculpture, I created over a thousand individual heads; no two being the same, and all inter-locking.





'HALO'  Time Piece.


Created from 1960s Cold Cathode Numerical Tubes, antiques and vintage pieces under a 1890s Victoria glass display dome. The dome reflects the beautiful neon light burning in the tubes, and the LED lights illuminating under the valves.



'In a World of Magnets and Miracles' - I was inspired to create this piece, by a line from the track 'High Hopes' from Pink Floyd's 'Division Bell' album.


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