Terry Hooley Abstract Art
Terry Hooley     Abstract Art

'The Ilford X-Ray'           Time Piece.

This Time Piece was created from old vintage pieces and Edwardian and Victorian antiques. The main body is a rare, beautifully aged, 1950's Ilford X-Ray Film box, which was used for storing film for Hospitals. It has been fully strengthened inside with wood and 2x1 wood battens bonded to it's interior. It is a totally unique incorporating many many generations within it's history. This is genuine shabby chic, not recreated! 

'The ILFORD X-Ray' Time Piece.
Victorian Brass gas light tap. (Number 3 indicator).
1960's switching relay. (Number 12 indicator).
72 films!
1910 Edwardian gas valve. (Number 4 indicator).
1880's Victorian Pewter ornate clock feet. Holding the clock off the wall, giving it a shadow and depth.
1950's electronic Mullard Valve. Beautiful patination on the corners.
1940's Ammeter. (Number 6 indicator).
For Hospitals.
1950's Mullard electronic Valve. (Number 2 indicator).
Open in dark room only.
Ilford Double Coated X-Ray Film.
Ammeter and Victorian patinated Brass ball, with 1950's terminal connectors with vintage industrial fuse (Number 5 indicator).
Beautiful Patinated Brass.
Store in a dry cool place. (60 years of beautiful patination, shabby chic, created by decades of time).
Statement Piece! Great talking point!

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