Terry Hooley Abstract Art
Terry Hooley     Abstract Art

'Halo' Time Piece.

'Halo' is both a clock and a piece of 'light sculpture', which is created by the reflections of the beautiful ever changing neon numerals, dancing on the inside of the antique Victorian glass dome.

The beautiful orange of the neon gas glowing against the firing cathode numerals, up lit with blue LEDS shining up through the valves.

Various vintage and antique pieces make up 'Halo'. Covered by a beautiful Antique 1880s Victoria Glass Dome.

The cold cathode numerical tubes, used on the first super computers, and unused for around 50 years (new, old stock), stand on a specially constructed valve shelf. I created the valve shelf from part of a wooden case, off an old 1920s radio. The valve shelf stands on two vintage Aluminium columns.

This is the top of a 1940s Voltage Regulator, off a World War 2 Spitfire fighter plane. It is a stunning piece of aviation historical sculpture by itself. 

On the shelf.

Vintage Brass electrical pieces and a large electrical Brass shunt (rear view).

Even in day light, the light off the numerical cathodes bounces around the inside of the Antique glass.

This piece of Oak which I turned into a column to support a 1920s tuner capacitor, is Oak from HMS Victory, Admiral Nelsons flagship. The Victory was built in 1759, the Oak trees that they used to build it were over 300 years old, meaning the wood here was most likely feeling the sun on it's leaves around 1450, pre Henry the Eighth and Elizabeth the 1st.  

The rich orange colour of Neon.

Side view of the routed valve shelf, made from wood off a 1920s radio. A radio that would have transmitted the speechs of Churchill during WW II.

Victorian glass and the old antique Base. 

The up lighting LED lights, can be programmed choosing from over 700 colours.

Voltage regulator, off a WW II Spitfire fighter plane. Showing military broad arrow on the brass identification plate.

Darkness falls.

Two of the valves seated above the latest in electronic circuitry and micro processing. The time, date and over 700 colours can be programmed to exactly control the vintage tubes, to give 'Halo' a look that totally suits your mood and decor. 

Full frontal view of the 'Spitfire' voltage regulator. To the left is a 1920s tuner capacitor, and on the right is a 1940s switch on a copper cylindrical mount. On either side of the regulator is an Edwardian laquered Brass terminal.

'Halos' of the lit valves, move and shimmer around the insides of the dome, appearing as abstract Ghosts of light.



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