Terry Hooley Abstract Art
Terry Hooley     Abstract Art

'Das Berliner Theater der Kuriostaten'

'Das Berliner Theater der Kuriostaten' is a theatre hidden in a small dimly lit back alley in Berlin.

The theatre once glamorous and wildly exotic is now run down and in a state of gradual decay. It has remained untouched since its 'hayday' back in the 'Roaring Twenties'. Strange shows are still staged, performed to an even stranger audiance.


'Das Berliner Theater der Kuriostaten' - where fantasy becomes reality!

Balcony # 7                                      'A Night at the Opera' 

<< This sculpture is of six 'friends' out for the evening at the theatre, to see an 'alternative Opera'.


The old run down balcony is created from a 1920s wooden varnished electrical connection board. The patination on it after nearly 100 years looks beautiful.


Measures - 295 x 210 x 31

Box frame, with glass.



 Balcony # 5                                   'let the Show begin!'

Balcony number 5 is located amongst the old wiring supplying the building.


(The Balcony on this sculpture is created from vintage 1950s aviation electronics, from a Jet fighter plane. All the electronics are from the same period, post World War 2).

Wedged in amongst the electrics, this balcony is a little isolated, but still commands a good view of the stage; if a little noisy from the humming of the old wiring.

'Lights down' -- ready for the start of the evenings entertainment! 

The plaster work of the once fine ornate wall mouldings, delapidated and in disrepair!

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