Terry Hooley Abstract Art
Terry Hooley     Abstract Art

'Dog Soldiers'


This piece of art work, is the most emotive piece that I have ever done.


I have sat on a winters evening, with a small light on; looking and staring, being drawn in and engulfed by this image, and had tears running down my face, being connected with the desperate situation of these men.


It is an old "World War 1" photograph (taken over a century ago at the very start of the War), that I have had for 50 years. I painted with water colour, re-photographed and then digitally painted. (Shown exhibited in H-art Gallery).

It is the 3rd Belgian Division, marching to Liege. They were subjected to 10 days of intensive German bombardment. The dogs are in pairs pulling machine guns on carts.

I have given the lead soldier a beautifully coloured 'life force' that each of these brave men had. All the soldiers look out from the artwork to where you are viewing from, which draws you into, and transports you back in time; to 1914 and that small country lane with them!

All the dogs pulling the carts with the machine guns on, are all looking right into the field. At the exact moment the the original photograph was taken, some thing had happened, perhaps a gun shot or something, that made them all look in that diresction. I have spent hours, imaging what that could have been, and what was in that field. 

So much happens within the space of a single second. Seconds that in our lives we take for granted.


Materials = Professional Double Mounted, Framed Glass.

Dimensions = 960 x 700 mm


Limited Edition of only 5 with signed and numbered Authentication Certificate.

'An Ice Cream in France'


This World War 1 artwork is the second piece that I have created about the 'Great War'. (Shown exhibited in H-art Gallery).


A group of British Soldiers have landed in Boulogne, and take a last opportunity to have an ice cream before being sent to the 'front line'.

While his mates enjoy a laugh and their ice cream, one young soldier, with hands tucked into his pockets, stares blankly into the camera, finding the whole situation absurd, knowing the enormity of what they are about to do, and just wanting to be back at home with his family.

I have painted this lead soldier and altered all perspectives. It make a very powerful abstract piece of art. And like 'Dog Soldiers', the soldier stares directly at you, so you have eye contact with him (even though it is bridging a century), which draws you completely into his world. 


Materials = Professionally Double mounted glass framed.

Dimensions = 980 x 740 mm


Limited Edition of only 5 with signed and numbered Authentication Certificate.

'Dog Soldiers' and 'An Ice Cream In France'

My 'World War 1' artworks in H-art Gallery, with myself.

'Ghost Soldiers'.


These 'Ghost Soldiers', are British Soldiers who died on a European Battlefield in World War One; and who bravely march on for all eternity, pals together forever. 

The Soldier to whom I have given a 'flaming life force', is, to me the 'Unknown Warrior' who's body rests in peace in Westminster Abbey. A tribute to those who fell, a century ago.

We owe you everything!


Materials - Digital Art, print and Acrylic on canvas. Art Varnish.

One off!

'Ghost Soldiers', hung on my wall.

'Sarah - 1917'


  In this piece, I have combined the ultimate in beauty, and the ultimate in ugliness and sheer horror.


  On initial viewing I am hoping the viewer sees 'Sarah', a colourful abstract young lady in a state of semi undress. Her beauty unquestioned!


  However! On closer examination, this artwork unveils a scene of total carnage and horror, on a battle field in france in 1917, during World War 1.

  A soldier walks with his horse, just staring blankly ahead, seemingly oblivious of the dead horses (still attached to the wagon they were pulling) at the left hand side of him.

He walks with his body and soul beyond exhaustion with physical and mental anguish; the only thing keeping his weary legs moving is the vision in his mind, of 'Sarah'; and his memories of her utter beauty. Her sun kissed skin, the heat of her soft lips and the smell of cherry blossom in her hair. The only thing he longs for, is to be in her embrace once again, back home in England, away from all the carnage and death and the ugliness of humanity!

  (Sarah's right eye is the soldiers head, he is leading his horse which forms most of her face. Her left eye is the horses saddle bag; the soldiers left arm forms her nose with his legs forming her chin and neck. There is also a large dead horse on its side, with it's head appearing between her hands and it's body leading backwards, still attached to a wagon. There are other soldiers walking with mules level with her left ear. The more you look, the more the scene unfolds beyonds Sarah's distraction)! 

(detailed images below).


Limited Edition of only 25, with signed and numbered certificate of Authentication.

This is a 'close up' of Sarah's face, showing the soldier whose head forms her right eye and his body, the side of her face and neck. (You can see by the blank look upon his face, how he has grown accustomed to the endless years of War and destruction. His mind only kept sane with his memories of the woman he so dearly loves and misses and needs to return to). 

This is a close up of the dead horse, (between Sarah's hands, beneath her breasts), laid on it's right side, still attached to a wagon, with it's reins across the floor. The soldier is walking past, seemingly oblivious.

Close up of Mule, soldier and cart.






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