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Antique Restoration.

Many of the Antiques that I get to use in my Sculptures and Art work need restoration. The amount of restoration varys with each piece. I always try to restore to their original form, being considerate of age and patination. 


'Comtoise Morbier' Clock Movement, circa 1750, in poor rusting condition, ready for restoration. I try and use antiques and vintage pieces in my Sculptures. They already have history and their own unique stories.
Side view, showing the fading condition of this 260 year old clock movement.
Decades of neglect, screaming out to be beautiful again (though I do have to admit; it does have a different type of beauty to it, in its look of abandonment).
All the Brass cogs and wheels, seriously patinated over the decades of non-use.
Oxidization on all the metal work.
Needing some TLC to bring it back to life.
Restored. Side view, showing the Brass cogs and the central steel pillars. Ready for another century or two.
Elegant look, and a sturdy design with its eight steel verticle coloums. I absolutely love the style and flow of this movement.
Showing the central weight pulleys
Metal work, cleaned then sprayed with dry silicone, to seal the steel from rusting and to give it a patinated, old industrial appearance.
Brass cleaned in an ammonia bath (GREAT CARE NEEDED WHEN DOING THIS). Then many hours spent with Webrax and Autosol, removing a centuries worth of grime. Followed by a final polish at 2200rpm (SAFETY GLASSES MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES WHEN USING BUFFERS).
Completely taken apart, then every thing reassembled. Every piece lovingly restored. This movement just had a beautiful look and structure to its' design. Now it is restored, it will be an integral part, of a future piece of Artwork.
On the left is a transformer for a high frequency radio, off a World War 2 Bomber. On the right is a Voltage Regulator off a World War 2 Spitfire. Circa 1940
This is a beautiful 1930s transformer. When I first purchased it, everything was covered in black dust and grime. The Brass terminals were hidden under years of dirt.
Slightly different angle.
Some 'pieces' being restored.

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