Terry Hooley Abstract Art
Terry Hooley     Abstract Art

Inter-Dimensional Tuner.

This Inter-Dimensional Tuner, with Bluetooth music connectivity, was a commissioned piece. The client wanted a 'machine' that could travel through dimensions.

He requested at its' 'heart', a genuine Antique 1920s Valve radio; the controls of this adapted so they could be used to tune into and accurately locate any of the myriad of dimensions both Universal and also those at the quantum level.

He also wanted to be able to listen to music while he did this.


'Inter-Dimensional Tuner', Bluetooth music player.

Constructed from solid 110 mm thick Mahogany, ebonised, followed with 4 coats of Danish Oil, then finished with a quality furniture wax.

1940s Westinghouse 860 Triode Vacuum Valve, off an American Battleship from World War 2. It is mounted on a 'National Company' Porcelain holder. A great package of beauty and essential World War 2 electrical engineering.

Aluminium Scientific-Industrial leg.

Left end side showing the turned 1920s resistance bobbins, which makes up part of the Speaker cabinet.

Main body was created from solid seasoned Mahogany.



This is the 'Anti-Matter' injection system. Created from a 1950s dental syringe and a large vintage industrial electrical insulator. 

<< Top of the speaker cabinet.

<< The BBC 1930s headphones are supported by a turned and then hand carved piece of solid Mahogany, ebonised, oiled and waxed. The top was carved to form gentle grooves, to perfectly hold this particular set of headphones.

<< The Brass speaker grill was created from on old 1920s speaker grill from the main radio tuner. It had half a centuries worth of dust on it, but was cleaned and cut to fit the Bluetooth speaker cabinet. Getting a second life at giving another centuries worth of music from vastly evolved audio technology.

1920s Variable Condenser.

Two Vacuum Valves.

<< 1920s Large Porcelain Knife Switch.

Meters with central Lancaster dimmer light switch.

<< A different angle.

Large patinated Copper and Brass coupling from High Voltage National Grid equipment, circa 1950s.

Rear Aluminium speaker horn taking the sound from the turned chamber.



<< 1930s electrical shunt.



Electronics on the side of the speaker cabinet, created from a 1920s resistence box.

This is a 'bomb release' switch, off a World War 2 Lancaster bomber. The Lancasters used to do night time bombing runs. A very significant switch!

View of the Volt and Amp meters. The central switch, is a very rare 'dimmer switch' off a Lancaster bomber.

The Vulcan Bomber used to carry a single Thermo Nuclear missile, called 'Blue Steel', during the 'Cold War' with the Russians. The circuits here, are the electronics that were used to open the Vulcans bomb bay doors.

This beautiful Bakelite knob, is the tuning control on the Antique 1920s Valve Radio. However it as now been re-engineered, and is used for tuning 'quantum frequencies' before a dimension jump.

Aluminium rear speaker cone.



1920s wound tuner coils.

Copper with Stainless Steel, part of the 'Headphone support'. A pair of 1933 BBC headphones rest on the support.



Large Industrial 1950s fuse.



Victorian 1880s electrical generator (still fully working).



Rear view.


<< Industrial Porcelain Fuse.



Routed Electrical Generator base.



<< Rear of Speaker Cabinet.



This shows two of the legs, created from industrial laser parts.

Also shows the two 'anti-matter' filler pipe connectors, which have Brass, chained caps on them.

The Inter-Dimensional Tuner has got an 'anti-matter' injection system for releasing the vast amounts of energy required to make a dimensional jump. Of course we do not have any way as yet in our dimension, and at our solar time on Earth to fill up the 'anti-matter' tanks: so the fillers are used when in a dimension that has 'anti-matter' readily available.

Large 1920s Rheostat.



<< 1940s Porcelain insulator of a WW2 American Destroyer.



<< Support for the 'Anti-Matter' injection system.


Beautiful Bakelite 'Dimmer Switch' off A Lancaster Bomber.

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