Terry Hooley Abstract Art
Terry Hooley     Abstract Art

'Oblivious Love'


Materials = Beautiful piece of 'Natural Edged' Burr Elm (EXTREMELY rare), African Ebony, Amerillo.

Dimensions = 580 x 540 x 60 mm


Close up of the African Ebony dome (symbolising the first of the lovers).

Slightly closer look at 'Oblivious Love'

I have been air drying this piece of Burr Elm for 20 years, always wanting to bring out the best with its wild swirls, crazy grain patterns and bark inclusions.

I can think of nothing better than for it to represent a couple, locked till the ends of time. in a passionate embrace; oblivious in their love.  

Closer look at some of the natural swirling grain of this unique piece of Burr Elm.

It reflects the passion within this piece.

Close up of the Amerillo dome (symbolising the second of the lovers).

A radiation of love.



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