Terry Hooley Abstract Art
Terry Hooley     Abstract Art

'Woman on all fours'


Material = Burr Elm.

Dimensions = 130 x 100 x 75 mm


'Dominant Woman'                                      'SOLD'


Materials = Mahogany and Burr Elm.

Dimensions= 435 x 145 mm


'Rebel with a Cause' (escaping the confines of conditioning, from an early age).


Materials = High Tensile Steel, Concrete, Acrylic, Small Porcelain Antique Victorian doll head.

Dimensions = 300 x 150 x 150 mm


This Sculpture expresses our need to be individual, and not always conform to the conditioning we receive through life, from all areas; especially when we are younger. The young 'Rebel' is escaping the confines of the concrete and re-enforcement, as the 'elder' looks on.



'You Make Me Smile'

Materials = Large Reinforced Concrete wall sculpture.

Dimensions = 500 x 400 x 50 mm





Material = Oak, Aluminium, Copper.

Dimensions = 660 x 460 x 30 mm




'Ipod'       (Close up)!


This Ipod as been 'skinned and mounted' just like the big game animals Lions and Tigers were in the 19th century. It represents the ever changing face of technology; and how something as ground breaking and Iconic as the Ipod, will at some stage be superseded, and just be discarded like any other obsolete 'piece of kit'.

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