Terry Hooley Abstract Art
Terry Hooley     Abstract Art

'Fists of Fury'


This is Jack Johnson, in 1908, the first Black World Heavyweight Champion of the World, a title he kept for 7 years.

In creating this abstract piece, I have tried to convay the power of this great fighter.


Materials = Framed and double mounted, water colour, digital art.

Dimensions = 1150 x 890 x 34 mm


(Limited Edition of only 5, with signed and numbered Certificate of Authentication). 


'Fists of Fury'


In Gallery Window.



'Brave New World'


Materials = Circuit Boards, Sculpted Face, Electronic Parts, Copper Wire, Acrylics.

Dimensions = 510 x 445 x 80 mm


Advanced 'Super Computers' with organic processors 'growing' Human Hybrids.

Close up of Circuit Boards and connectors to the living tissue.



This sculpture is fitted with a special keyed hanging system, that enables it to be easily 'locked' onto the wall, so can not be knocked off.

'Brave New World'  


Sideview showing the depth of the boxed frame, which gives this ultra contemporary wall hung sculpture, real 3D viewing.

The beautiful Gold coloured and destressed white enamel Circuit boards showing through. This sculpture is fitted with a special 'non-reflective' Glass to heighten the colours and dramatically reduce any reflections. Gives it great depth.



'Guardian'  No1   Garden Sculpture


Materials = Yew Wood, Victorian Sea Defence Pitch Pine, Elm, Large Steel Spikes, Copper.

Dimensions = 570 x 320 x 270 mm


Close up of the right side of 'Guardians' face, showing the grain of the Yew Wood and the Copper hair.

Close up of left side of the 'Guardians' face.




'A New Life'


Materials = Concrete, High Tensile Steel, Acrylic.

Dimensions = 300 x 260 x 90 mm


The upturned hands (ends of the steel bar), are polished to mirror finish.

'A New Life' (In 'Louth Art Gallery'), showing close up of face, with the red and blue inclusions).




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