Terry Hooley Abstract Art
Terry Hooley     Abstract Art

'A Strange Thing Happened At The Seaside'

This sculpture I created as part of John Byford's 'Made in England' exhibition, which exhibited in Germany then toured in Europe, showing in Hungary and Italy before returning to the UK to exhibit in H-Art Gallery.

The sculpture had to be our connections with Skegness. The right side (as viewed) is the 'Jolly Fisherman' symbol of Skegness. The left side is myself. I have lived in Skegness since I was 15, so the town as influenced my life greatly.


This left side (as viewed) is a cast from my face. All my life force being represented by the red 'blood' flowing around it.
This side is 'The Jolly Fisherman'. Although not living (so as blue 'blood' in his veins on my sculpture), this iconic symbol of Skegness, helps to draw in tourists bringing life, vitality and wealth to the town.
I morphed myself with 'Jolly' to show my connection with Skegness, and how i will be personally linked with Skegness forever.
'Strange Thing' is constructed from reinforced concrete. Not only did I want it to represent my connection with Skegness, but I also wanted it to be made of the 'very fabric' of the town............
Barrott Court, an old building, was being knocked down to make way for a new one. It had been part of Skegness for 50 years. I used some of the old reinforcing steel from the walls, to reinforce the concrete that 'Strange Thing' is made from.
I also used some of the old brick work, smashed up into the new concrete. So 'Strange Thing' is literally made of part of Skegness. (Lower view looking upwards showing the depth of the sculpture and the texture).
'Strange Thing' with the High Tensile Steel bars sticking out of the top and bottom. The ends of which are polished to a chrome, mirror finish.

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